Dr. Meera Wells


Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Our Approach

Some of the conditions treated:

     •     Depression

     •     Bipolar Disorders

     •     Anxiety Disorders

     •     ADHD

     •     Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

     •     Grief Counseling

     •     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

     •     Eating Disorders

     •     Emotional issues associated with chronic medical illness

Services Provided

Comprehensive Evaluation

This is a 60-75 min session aimed at understanding the problems you are facing. It covers an extensive range of information about your medical, emotional, work, family and social history. It takes into account your background, lifestyle and relationships. Towards the end of this session the treatment plan and recommendations will be discussed. This may or may not include medications and therapy. The initial assessment usually requires one session, however on rare occasions might require a second session.

Medication Management

The decision to use, or not use, medications is important. At times adding medications to therapy may be critical to the process of achieving mental health goals. Dr. Wells is judicious in using medication. Once medications are started, close follow up is required to ensure optimum care. These follow up sessions may or may not be combined with therapy.  Appointments to assess medications only, are typically 25-30 mins. When required, Medications with therapy sessions are 50-60 mins. 



Dr. Wells has extensive training and experience in providing Psychotherapy. She is well versed in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Supportive Therapy as well as Psychoanalysis. She uses her skills and experience to provide a flexible, individually oriented therapy that creates a path to problem resolution.  Traditional therapy is combined with her 'real world' practical problem solving approach.  


Dr. Wells is available for consultations for your Primary Care Providers or specialists in matters where your primary medical illness may be affecting your mental and emotional health. 

Second Opinions 

Second opinions are often useful when an impasse is reached in your current treatment, and can provide a fresh assessment and objective view of the situation.